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Chaya Malka Abramson keeps audiences spellbound as she chronicles the two miraculous spiritual transformations she has undergone during her life. First, from budding fashion designer, Michelle Smith, who lived a life of privilege in Connecticut, she became Malka Abramson of Jerusalem.

The second rebirth occurred during a horrific fire when Malka sustained burns over 85 percent of her body as she repeatedly went back into her burning apartment to rescue her three children and her grandmother. Given a one in ten chance of survival, family and friends rallied around her with fervent prayers, charity and acts of loving kindness. Her life was spared and she was given the additional name of Chaya, meaning life.

Chaya Malka relates the powerful story of her recovery in her book, Who by Fire, and speaks of the power of prayer, spiritual faith and the selfless devotion of the community that supported her. She also discusses the Jewish soul and the value of inner being versus external appearances in a lecture focusing on her Downs-Syndrome child, who was born subsequent to the fire. Her engrossing talks always leave her audiences deeply moved and inspired.

Today, the Chaya Malka Burn Foundation helps Jewish burn patients in Israel and abroad by raising money for costly treatments and helping them resume a normal life style. CMBF also publishes a free educational newsletter about burn prevention and home safety..

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